28 April 2006

Search Ready to Rock Again!

By N. RAMA LOHAN, The Star, 28 April 2006

KUALA LUMPUR: Search, Malaysia’s most prominent rock band, has regrouped, and is set to storm the local rock scene yet again.

All four band members from the mid-80s have reunited for an album of new material to be released in a few months.

Amy (vocals), Hilary Ang (guitar), Nasir Daud (bass) and Yazid Ahmad (drums) are now in the midst of rehearsals.

“We are working with M. Nasir on some of the new material and we should have a single out sometime in May. At the moment, we’re still working on the arrangements for some of the songs but we should be starting work next week,” said 47-year-old lead singer Amy, whose real name is Suhaimi Abdul Rahman.

According to him, the band has a couple of working titles for the album at the moment, with the more probable one being Empire Garden.

“In total, we should have about 10 or 11 songs, all of which will recall the band’s old working culture and the sound of its glory years. Our fans have been eagerly awaiting this album, so it’s only fitting that the songs tell the story of the band,” said the soft-spoken frontman.

Search plans to capitalise on the technology available today by marketing and promoting the album on its own, through its website www.duniasearch.com.

“In the first week of the website’s launch, we had 200,000 hits. The Internet age has created a new listening culture and it now offers artistes a unique business platform,” said Amy.

This year marks Search’s 25th year in the music industry and the band plans to celebrate its silver jubilee with a concert at Stadium Merdeka.

“It will probably be on July 29, a day after my birthday. Stadium Merdeka is the main rock venue in this country, it’s our own Madison Square Garden,” said Amy.

The band, which began in Johor Baru in 1981, released its first album, Cinta Buatan Malaysia, in 1985 and has to date released 16 studio, live and compilation albums. Some of its best-known songs include Fantasia Bulan Madu, Rozana and Isabella.


anip said...

Eh,betul ke artikel ni?Hillary masuk Search balik?Apa jadi kat Din dgn Kid?Apsal 4 orang je?

Kutu-Kutu Rock said...

tu laa...kitorang berdua pun heran gak. tapi takpe..kita tunggu dan lihat, wokey??

kamal said...

aku rasa, sebab Kid tak termasuk dlm the classic line-up dan tak boleh join 're-union' ni, so Nordin pun maybe 'macam tak nak join' kot? aku agak jer..

kalau Nordin masuk, then Kid pun masuk, dah jadi 3 gitar pulak?

tapi, apapun Search tak boleh 3-piece, mesti nak kena tambah satu gitaris lagi, walaupun Hillary mungkin boleh handle sorang. aku harap Nordin boleh masuk, tapi macam tak adil pulak utk Kid kan? Kid adalah Search jugak!

dan aku juga tertanya-tanya status Hillary dlm Cromok. dia dah makin masuk dgn sound Cromok, dengar album Untitled.

Kutu-Kutu Rock said...

pada aku la kan, as kipas-susah-mati cromok, hillary tak brp sesuai untuk cromok. dia mmg dasat & a living legend, tapi dia mcm dalam dunianye sendiri bila dia join cromok. but still, the collabo was interesting.

p/s: tak kesah la sapa join balik search nanti, janji kita sama2 rockin' kat our very own 'madison square garden' tu, worait??

-nadia the rockin' mama-

Kutu-Kutu Rock said...

Kamal, anip...

Check posting terbaru kat atas...

ROCK KAPAK said...

kau orang ni semua tahu tak?Din banyak masalah beb, dia dah main dadah...semua angota search dah berbulu dgn dia, sebab tu diaorang nak ambik hillary masuk semula,