25 November 2007

Hang on to your vintage t's, brader!

RM15,000 for 1960s' rock & roll T-shirt
(New Sunday Times / AP, 18 Nov 2007)

NEW YORK: Once relegated to the backs of roadies and the bottoms of closets, the rock and rolll T-shirt is hanging around some nicer venues these days - like Christie's auction house, where they are expected to sell for up to US$4,500 (RM15,000) each.

A collection of 30 vintage T-shirts goes on the block this month at the Rockefeller Centre locale, featuring gear from the biggest bands of the 1960s and 1970s: The Beatles, The Doors and Pink Floyd, among others.

Several performers at the Monterey Pop Festival have not survived, but a Yardbirds T-shirt from the event did. Rock journalist Greg Shaw wore the yellow t-shirt to the famed 1967 concert, and it's expected to bring up to US$4,000 at the Nov 30 auction.

"The fact that these T-shirts exist in such pristine condition is remarkable because most people didn't keep these shirts. They were worn out and thrown out," said Simeon Lipman, a specialist in entertainment memorabilia for Christie's.

**T-shirt paling "buruk" yang aku ada: The Rolling Stones North American Tour 1989. What about you guys? ;-)

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