05 April 2006


"Better to burn out than to fade away..."
05041994...Rest in Peace, Kurt Cobain...


Yuki said...

Hello! Saya nama ialah Yuki.
I'm HR/HM fan in Japan.
I like Malay rock.
Recently I listened to "Battle Of The Band"(2album in 1CD). This is very good CD.
Though I cannot read Malay, your review is interesting!
YUKI from Japan

Kutu-Kutu Rock said...

Hello Yuki!
Arigato!..Thanks for visiting our blog (it's a husband & wife team). We are planning to write some reviews in English soon. Stay connected! Btw, how did you get to know about Battle of the Bands and our blog?

p/s: We've visited your web too. We just wish that we knew Japanese..:-)

Nadia & Yatt

Yuki said...

Hello, Nadia & Yatt!
Thanks for your reply.
I'm glad that you can speak(write) English!

About "Battle Of The Band", I didn't know it at all till I bought it! I tried to buy some Malay compilation CDs that include HR/HM songs. But except "B.O.B", the CDs were full of SLOW ROCK, :-P

I wanted to know the information about Malay rock and "B.O.B"CD. I googled some words and hit your blog!

I cannot read Malay, but the photos that you upped are very exciting for me!

Someday, I want to focus on Malay rock on my fanzine "Melodic Renaissance".

Feel free to email me!(my address is available from my website)