19 April 2008


"Back then I didn't know the difference between bass and lead guitar, or any of that shit. I basically chose guitar 'cos it had more strings." Says Slash, whose dad was notably known for designing the sleeve of Joni Mitchell's 1973 album 'Court and Spark', while his mom styled the Pointer Sisters and David Bowie.

By the time he met Steven Adler, Slash was already growing his dark curly hair over his face, not as a concession to rock 'n' roll fashion, but because he was shy and didn't want anyone to see into his eyes.

And he was called "Slash" by his dad and his friends because of his tendency to 'answer back at them' in sarcastic one-liners.

Source: W. Axl Rose The Unauthorized Biography by Mick Wall


amey said...

Salam Yatt dan Nadia..
Ehh.. Dah klua ek Axl punya bio? Hmmm.. Interesting.. Baca SLASH tak? Any comment?

Nadia said...

hi amey, bio axl dah kluar. nanti akan direview di blog ini. slash blum beli lagi. hehehe...anyway, keep on rockin'! err.. dah shortlistkan 10 solo rock kapak paling best? ;-)sila lah ye? jgn malu-malu