20 December 2006

Sudahlah, Axl!

Adusss..lamanya tak update! Hmm, well, we are still alive n kickin'. Sibuk sikit je. Kitorang akan kembali. Jangan risau. Insya-Allah. ;-)
Anyway, sementara tu, check this out:-
Guns 'N' Roses album delay
The Star, 20 December 2006
NEW YORK: Guns 'N' Roses frontman Axl Rose told disappointed fans on Monday that the band's long-awaited album Chinese Democracy would not be out by the end of the year as originally expected. Axl, who by some accounts has been working on the album for MORE than a DECADE, said in a statement that he now expected it to be in stores by March 2007.
"I regret to say that the album will not be released by the end of the year. Although many things went extremely well and were very exciting, there were, in our opinion, unnecessary and avoidable complications," Axl added.
*Complications ke, tak pernah start recording langsung? Agaknya, Axl baru letak tajuk album je kot selama ni..Haha.. Macam ni je lah Axl, peram terus la album tu dalam spandex merah lu..Hehehe..

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